"life as i know it"


his daily routine. weaving side to side. LOLOL

his daily routine. weaving side to side. LOLOL

I’m sittin here hoping that we can find some way to kick it
Even though I got your digits gotta struggle to resist it
Slowly advance and miss my chance not to miss it
You blow me kisses
when he ain’t lookin, now your heart’s tooken
My only wish is that you change your mind and he get shook
Wanna take you there but you scared to follow, come see tomorrow
Hoping I can take you through the pain and sorrow
Let you know I care —

can u get away.


No I’m not talking about that guy from fresh prince of bel air or men in black. I’m talking about that inner push inside you. That thing that makes you get up out of bed in the morning when you could either sleep in or get up and do something. Will is such a powerful thing yet it’s so hard to…